Harris Hotel Batam

Harris Hotel Batam, is a comfortable hotel for young men and women, met with their interests, the various interests so that's nothing wanted to stay longer, there is also a wish to see around the hotel ... yes ... like other places.

The hotel is lot of activities - bowling, archery, flying fox, shoot a stretcher same premise also bring people together for a friendly game of water polo and tug of war games in the pool. For me personally, honestly I am very interested in all this, I love this service.
Hotel Condition / Cleanliness are all concerned that so the guests get to enjoy the comfort of your break.

Harris Hotel, Hotel Batam indeed very many visitors, thus making the lobby was packed with guests checking in and out at the same time.

According to my friend said that the State of Pakistan, the following story: From the moment I checked in, the experience was heartwarming.
From the welcome drink again setting back the ferry times, the staff did an excellent job in hosting the guests.
Large swimming pool and layout at night, dinner was fantastic. I like soothing music is played every evening meal.