Food court, Pujasera in batam, Sea-food

"Pujasera the first in Batam is Puja Bahari I. Then there is also on the Cape Market Pantun but now it is not there anymore, "she explains.

There is little to distinguish between pujasera with akau. For example when we visited in Tanjungpinang akau. There, several food vendors appear to be held in the tables or separate carts. Buyers who want to order food or drinks can be ordered in a different seller.

Likewise pujasera like that now easily be found in several places in Nagoya. Only in pujasera, food and beverage vendors are more organized and frequent location was coiled around pujasera.

Also another characteristic of akau is its location in the open. Unlike pujasera now in some places have a cover or roof tops.

'Actually akau or pujasera whose name is in the field that is not roofed. This seems to be more spacious and the atmosphere is not hot. But if the rain is unfortunately often wet so no good if you use the roof, "added Harsono.

In pujasera the most open on this night, we can enjoy a variety of food and beverage menu that can be selected according to taste. Food and drinks can be ordered on several 'stalls' which offers a myriad of different dishes.

Seafood to the menu offered in the most pujasera. But not infrequently, we can also meet local cuisine or traditional melayu other regions. Tionghoa typical oriental menu such as Ba Kut Tea or Shahe fen also become the most nbanyak menu offered.